‘My personal religion set me free long ago. I am no respecter of any single faith in its totality. I pick and choose as I please. All religions were creatures of their times and evolved to meet prevailing social and economic needs.

To describe them as eternal truths for all time to come is sheer bunkum.  
But alongside all that is irrational, absurd and dangerous in every religion, there is also some good sense and nobility. It is the same with prophets and saints, as it is with philosophers, scientists and political leaders.
Once you have decided not to bow to any gods, and if you have a good bullshit detector, it is possible to separate the sublime from the ridiculous and derive inspiration from the words of prophets and poets, gurus and rogues, grave men and clowns.
There is a lot to be learned from both the sacred and the profane.
I have done that nearly all my life…’

Buon Natale a te, compagno/a di cammino fra le pagine e la musica che suonano. 
Che sia musica di piena libertà. Di pensiero e azione. Di chiarezza mentale e apertura di cuore al nuovo della Vita che sta per arrivare.

The Freethinker’s Prayer Book – Khushwant Singh